Workshop Facilitator Thesis

Workshops are not presentations or ego trips for ambitious facilitators. A well formulated workshop is designed to make 1 + 1 = 5, by inspiring and guiding a diverse team towards greatness. The facilitator is the catalyst, not the chemical elements. The facilitator asks hard questions, listens even harder to the responses and then helps join the dots.

Brand and Strategy Workshops can be immensely powerful tools, but for them to reach their potential takes extensive, customized preparation, a sound methodology and a touch of creative magic.

Brand and Strategy Workshops

Over the past 30 years I’ve run brand and strategy workshops for 5, and for 500. Although I’ll be honest, 500 is a challenge. I’ve run them for tech-start ups and F100 companies, ad agencies and sales teams. In England, the US, China and Mexico. And although every one is different, what every workshop has in common is that I run them as challenging, participatory and massively interactive events. Participants often enter as somewhat competitive, sometimes cynical strangers, and always emerge as evangelical teams, ready to do their part to change their world. So, if you have a need, an idea or just an itch that you might want to commission the best workshop you’ve ever done, get in touch. Please.

Workshop Endorsements

Julian is a talented strategist and has the ability to see the potential for brands and how they fit within the marketplace.  Strategy is tricky and identifying it is the easy part.  Often the difficulty is aligning the individuals inside the organization around the direction. It’s rare to find an individual who can both identify the strategic direction and galvanize teams to accelerate the company toward it’s future.  I have worked with Julian for a number of years, beginning nearly two decades ago when I was the brand director for supplies at Hewlett-Packard.  A few years ago, Julian helped Performics to clarify it’s market positioning and align the teams around this direction.  The work made a tremendous difference in the company’s turn-around.  Not only is Julian effective — but he’s also a pleasure to work with.

Daina Middleton, Head of Global Business Marketing, Twitter

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