The Lighthouse Identity

A lighthouse projects insistently, and consistently

It takes a stand, and expects the world to navigate by it, always

A Challenger Lighthouse Identity does the same thing for a brand – ensuring that consumers, the competition, even the world, set their course by its beliefs, actions and vision of the future

A Challenger Lighthouse Identity is not just a brand strategy. It is the north star that guides the development of every component of the business

And it is rooted in immutable truths about the business’s past, present and future

The business case and shared vision is essential to the creation of a successful Lighthouse Identity


Take a Stand

One Attitude. Many Sizes. Select Clients


The Lighthouse Identity Process: Designed to Ignite and Sustain Growth

For the past decade we’ve been utilizing a growth igniting process to help brands discover, define, articulate and amplify their Challenger story. The process of developing a Lighthouse Identity is intensive, collaborative, creative and highly effective.

“Great process liberates creativity”

Jessica Burdman, Red Sky Interactive, 1999



“The best, most collaborative and effective process I have ever seen or been part of, period. The Challenger approach enabled us to transform how we saw the business overall, and re-articulate our goals”

John Clendening, CEO Blucora

“I went into the process as a sceptic, and emerged as a huge proponent. Proof of that is our five-plus year relationship working with Enact to inspire not just our team, but also our clients and board members”

Tracey Straub, VP, Schwab Compliance Solutions

“The foundation for the Rebel brand is the Challenger identity that Julian drove at the outset of the company’s formation. It has guided everything we’ve done, and helped propel us in seven years from a minnow to the number one brand in the All Star Cheerleading market. Julian brings real vision, clarity and incredibly compelling storytelling to every project and gives companies a chance to be the best they can be”

Karen Noseff, Founder and CEO, Rebel Athletic

“I’ve worked with Enact twice as a CEO. They have an uncanny ability to turn skeptics  into believers, and individuals into teams. Their process forces collaboration and results in not only a compelling North star for the business, but also a road map to actually bring the strategy to life”

Bob Oros, CEO HighTower Advisors

“Julian has a knack of weaving together disparate strands of information into a compelling story in a way I have never seen before. Over four years he took every division in Schwab and helped them re-invent themselves as Challengers, from the ground up”

Pete Boland, SVP Brand, Charles Schwab

“In contrast to traditional top down strategy efforts, Enact's approach - due to it's collaborative bottoms up process -  is more effective at rallying an organization, generating buy-in, and coming up with practical go-to-market solutions. They are great partners”

Mathieu Stevenson, CEO Snagajob

“Enact helped us forge a common vision, culture and brand after the merger of AMR and AMGH. We could not have hoped for better collaboration, or better outcome”

Randy Owens, CEO Global Medical Response

“Enact are master of distilling vague ideas and hopes into a clearly defined, unique and actionable mission that team members, constituents and donors rally behind. It’s hard to believe that the organizational leaps accomplished in 2-3 days are even possible, unless you actually experience a workshop”

Janell Farr, President All Clear Foundation


Ignite and Sustain Growth