Innovator By Nature

Since migrating to the Land of Hope and Dreams nearly 20 years ago, I’ve been at the forefront of the waves of innovation sweeping the marketing world. Change is my passion, and harnessing the power of that change is what I try to do for brands and people.

Venture Marketing Originator. Fear is the biggest impediment to the development of great, breakthrough, business-changing work in most client organizations. During my tenure as VP or Brand Evangelism at Charles Schwab I developed the concept of Venture Marketing – using the principles of Silicon Valley to overcome fear, and take a multitude of small, well calculated risks. The methodology I designed is the topic of various Keynotes, and a soon to be published book aimed at helping organizations the world over defeat fear, and build courage.

Influencer Marketing Pioneer. There was, back in 2003, a time before Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter. After purchasing Ammo Marketing from the founders of this small guerrilla marketing shop, I transformed it into one of the leaders of the nascent discipline of word of mouth marketing. Three years later, Ammo was recognized as the original Influencer marketing agency and was purchased by Aegis, being the first such agency to be acquired by a holding company.

Founder of Experience PlanningIn 1999, after joining Red Sky Interactive, one of the San Francisco digital agencies pushing a new frontier of ‘interactive marketing’, I established the discipline of ‘Experience Planning’ – Account Planning for the participation era. This insight-based approach inspired Red Sky to produce some of the most cutting edge digital marketing of the time for clients such as Miller Brewing, Sutter Home Winery, Hewlett-Packard, Sony Pictures and Nike.


All work and no play would make Julian a very dull boy. These are my passions, they may, or may not, be yours. Either way, they are what keep me somewhat sane, energized and stimulated.

CrossFit. My kids. Cycling. Radio Caroline. The Environment. My wife. English Football. The Economist. Travel. Healthy Eating. Tottenham Hotspur. Skiing. Harley Davidsons. The SF Giants. Hair Metal. Photography. Contrarian Perspectives. Rebel Athletic. Social Justice. Running. The Beach. Bruce Springsteen. Great Design. Great Reposadas. California. Writing. Sports Cars. Equality. Local IPAs. The New.