Kill Fear and Venture Marketing

How Venture Marketing vanquishes Fear

Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of ridicule. Fear of demotion. Fear of missing out. Fear in our industry tends to be very focused around results, perceptions and our careers. Fear can be crippling in its ability to block ideas from becoming actions, or, in some cases, ideas from ever even being ideated.
So, how do we master our fear?
Because fear is the enemy of courage. And courage is the third vital ingredient in the activation of great ideas today.
            Data + Creativity + Courage = Great work
Data and creativity we have in abundance. But how about Courage? Because, if our formulae is a three-legged stool, how do we ensure it doesn’t topple over, that courage isn’t vanquished by fear?
Courage is built by a series of small wins. It’s an approach we call Venture Marketing. And it borrows heavily from Silicon Valley.
The adoption of a strategic portfolio approach to marketing initiatives, in the way the Venture Capital firms do with start-ups. 
It assumes that many initiatives will fail, or underperform, but that a few will show the potential for massive, disproportionate and game-changing success.

Marketers today have to think like Venture Capitalists. To find out more, from workshops to keynote presentations click here.


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