The Challenger Manifesto

Inspired by the work of eatbigfish and Adam Morgan

Ok, isn’t. Quite frankly, it never has been, and it never should be. Ok thrives on complacency and acceptance of the status quo. Ok cringes in the face of change, because change disrupts business as usual.  But, as we all know, change is constant, unrelenting and the most powerful force in the world. A force we can harness, or push against.

But, seriously, that’s not really a choice, is it? Because change is going to happen.

Challengers know that, and they accept change, empower change and create change - and in so doing they change:

Challengers change everything, constantly. Because they know, and accept, one thing above all others: that if they don’t create change, someone else will.

So, are your ready to be a Challenger? To uncover and activate your Challenger DNA? To rally the world around your belief? To do more with less? If so, click here to find out more.

All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be.  Pink Floyd